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i dont know if i want to be buried or cremated if i die

“if i die”


Harry Potter AU in which Fred and George are in different houses and they steal and wear each others ties whilst doing stupid things in hope of the others house losing points


like imagine if you’d never seen a dog and you saw a saint bernard and you were like, what’s that and then someone was like, thats a dog. and then you saw a chihuahua and you were like ok whats that and they were like, that’s a dog. wouldn’t you feel lied to? wouldn’t you sense that something was amiss


if u ever need something to smile at here’s my dog in his raincoat


you know that quiet girl in class?

yeah she goes home and makes fun of you all on tumblr




1 enthusiastic follower is worth 74 regular ol’ followers

can i see your math on this

honestly chris no you can’t because you didnt say please